Parkingbees FAQ’s

How do I book a parking reservation?

Our official parking reservation website is , you have to login and fill up the forms to register a new account. Every member or account will have a unique parking transaction , identification as well as user and password credentials. By clicking “My Account” button, you can start loading your details on the “Client Account” tab.

How do I access my reservation?

Once you’ve logged into your account, just pull up the app menu. Select ‘My Reservations’ to see all your past and upcoming parking reservations.

How do I find my parking location?

Each time you make a parking reservation through our Parkingbees service appsyou will receive an email confirmation ticket with an address, a picture of the location, as well as instructions on how to access the parking spot - should there be alternative or multiple entrances.

How do I login if I forgot my password?

Whenever a parking reservation is made, a unique account is created with that email address. To access that account, just enter your email address on the login page and click “Reset My Password”. This will send an automated email with a temporary password that will allow you to log in to Parkingbees website and reset your password to whatever you choose.

Can I reserve a parking spot for someone else?

Definitely Yes! Simply forward the confirmation email with Parkingbees QR code to your palfor verification and reference. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to email or call Parkingbees Super Hotline +632.759.9112.

Do you charge additional fees onsite?

Additional fees will be provided in the parking reservation section when you book or reserved parking spots.No additional fees will be charged for non-premiumor non-featuredparking spaces.

What is a featured or premium parking spaces?

Featured or premiumparking spaces are always listed first on the home page of Parkingbees website. It is also advertised and automatically notifies the members or accounts looking for a parking spots which is located in different areas or key cities.

Can I reserve more than one parking spot at a time?

Absolutely Yes! You can book more than one parking spot by going through series ofparking reservation. Each time you reserve a parking spot, separate payment and transaction code will be generated.

I want to sell or rent out my parking slots, how do I become a Parkingbees Partner?

You have to pass the initial account registration. You can do this by clicking “My Account” button then hit “Partner Account” and fill up the given forms. Our Parkingbees team will evaluate your application and enables your account once it qualifies the accreditation.

Do I have to use the Parkingbees App to access my mobile confirmation?

You are not required to use Parkingbees App. Just logon to our website and hit “My Account” button. Remember, you need an internet connection to process and complete a parking transaction.

Does Parkingbees Client and Partner account expires?

There is no account expiration on both Client and Partner Account. However, an account can be disabled or deletedby an authorized Parkingbees Team given a chance that there is a misused or abused with the Parkingbees Application.

Can I delete my Parkingbees account?

In the Parkingbees apps, delete account feature is disabled, however, in order to remove your membership or account information, you may email or give a call at our Super Hotline +632.759.9112.

How do I locate my reserved parking spot?

In the confirmation or reservation ticket emailed to you, the exact location, description and other information provided by google will teach you how toget there.

How do I search for a parking spot?

In the search bar located at the home page you may type the place or venue that you want to visit or park. You will find available parking spots around that location or near to the area you are heading to. You can also scroll down and click on the parking spaces available on the Featured and Premium Parking Spots for which you are looking for.

How about the Pay Parking? How do I make the payment?

Parkingbees web and mobile apps requires you to pay in advance whenever you book a parking reservation. Once you picked your desired parking spot,QR Code transaction will be processed, and you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can view your reservations. Your confirmation ticket or QR code will also be emailed to you immediately. Parkingbees apps accepts paypal and major credit cards.

How do I use my Parkingbees parking reservation?

Once you book a parking reservation we’ll send you a confirmation email with a parking pass attached to it. Simply print out this attachment or pull it up on your smart phone and show it to the parking attendant when you arrive at the location. If you booked a reservation at an unattended open surface lot, please make sure to print out your confirmation email and display it on your dashboard.

Is my Parkingbees parking reservation really guaranteed?

Yes it is! Even if a location is marked full for drive up customers, your Parkingbees reservation guarantees you a space. If you encountered a vehicle parked at your reserved parking spot, you have to look for the authorized parking attendant or you may call our Parkingbees Super Hotline +632.759.9112. You may also email and or Parkingbees Team will make sure that your booked parking spot will be opened up immediately.

What happens if I arrive before my Parkingbees reservation begins or leave after it ends?

Please note that you have to follow time and hours of operation whenever you book a parking reservation. It is also possible that the parking spot is closed if you arrived early and/or leave late, in addition, you may be subjected or charged for additional fees.

What if I'm unable to use my parking reservation?

We may not be able to issue a refund if the cancellation period has passed. So do not booke a parking reservation until your mind is set up.

What is a Parkingbees QR code?

Parkingbees QR code is the square barcode which allows you to scan in and out of locations with on-site scanners or Mobile QR readers. A mobile QR codes or a printed copy of your confirmation sheet can be scanned by using QR reader apps. If you are using your smart phone, please make sure the brightness is set to high before you scan QR code generated by Parkingbees Apps.

Will I get a receipt for my Parkingbees parking transaction?

Receipts are available for all parking reservations which can be seen in your personal account on Parkingbees’ website. By logging in to your account, click the “My Reservations” label and you can view “Receipts”.